Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yahoo! Answers

I decided to talk about Yahoo! Answers for my new media presentation. In 2005, a question and answer page was opened by Yahoo!. Users of Yahoo! Answers are able to post their own questions about any subject they want, as well as answer other users' questions. Answering other peoples' questions gets you "points", and your Yahoo! Answers account must have at least 5 points before you can post your own questions. A poster of a question may also review all of the submitted responses to his or her question, and decide which answers is the most helpful, and mark is as "Best Answer". By doing that, when someone else stumbles upon that same question, the chosen "Best Answer" is the answer which is displayed first. Often, you don't even need to post your own question to find out what you need to, because you can just find a page where someone has already asked that same question. Type any question into Google, and the first few search results are guaranteed to include some Yahoo! Answers pages. Users are also able to create avatars for their account. I wouldn't be surprised if at some point in the future, Yahoo! Answers develops the capability to post questions and answers as sound or video as well as text.

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